Thursday, June 11, 2009


Getting in the Summer spirit around here and gearing up for all those YUMMY picnics! One of our favorite picnic treats of course......WATERMELON! The obvious inspiration for this fun set of ZooNique Baby designs.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


So what makes ZooNique Baby cloth diapers special? What makes them different from the rest? Why should someone choose ZooNique Baby cloth diapers over others? Well, we're so glad you asked! :)

Here are some of the things that make ZooNique Diapers....ZOONIQUE!

  • Individually Hand-crafted - Our diapers are individually made from start to finish, not mass produced. This offers you a quality product with a unique, often one of a kind style. We love what we do and trust you can tell that from our finished products.
  • Front Opening - Unlike most "pocket" style diapers, ZooNique Diapers insert opening is on the outside, front of the diaper rather than the back. The main reasoning for this is to make diaper changes and insert removal cleaner. Since the mess is on the inside, it made perfect sense to us that our hands wanted to be on the outside!
  • Wider Opening - The insert opening is wider to make placing the insert easier, especially in our Medium and Large sized diapers.
  • TRUE Small - Our Small diaper is made with baby's comfort in mind! We have specifically made the crotch are of this size diaper more narrow for this reason. We also make special smaller inserts to use with these. While placing the insert in our Small diapers may require a little extra effort than our Medium and Large, your baby will be so thankful for the better fit!
  • Cushioned Tummy Panel - The snap front tummy area where you place your insert provides a little extra padding against baby's tender tummy. We love that this also prevents the "velcro" fastener from rolling in towards baby's skin.
  • Unique Designs - We are constantly on the search for more fun prints and embellishments for our diapers so there is ALWAYS something new to offer!
  • Customer Service - ZooNique Baby takes great pride in providing top notch customer service! We love our customers and want to assist and encourage them in their cloth diapering and natural parenting adventure anyway we can!


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