Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Fall!

We had a great summer around the "Zoo House", but living near the gorgeous mountains of East TN, we love to see the transformation of color that fall brings!

We are busy as ever with family, foster care, charity sewing and keeping our area of Echelon's gift shop fully stocked with lots of handmade cuteness! We also just moved a bunch of goodies into their summer clearance section at 50% off, so if you're nearby, you'll want to check that out! 
As well as see all of our new seasonal additions!

Thanks for your continued support!
It not only allows me to continue doing what I love, but allows me to share that with others!
Happy Fall!!!

**Please note, due to life as it is, I am not currently accepting custom orders or regularly updating our Hyena Cart. If I can be of assistance to you though, please email me!


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