Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Features!

FLEXIBILITY. A key ingredient to a happy life! (and a successful business!) We take this approach with our diapers and if we feel there is a change to our style that will make them more functional, user friendly or comfortable for baby we make the change! If we find a component that is of better quality, we switch. Here are some of the most recent things we have done to make our ZooNique Baby Cloth Diapers even better.

* APLIX brand hook & loop - We've switched all of our diapers over to Aplix hook and loop because it is the highest quality we've found and is both durable and super soft.

* HIDDEN SNAPS - The snaps that close the insert opening on the front of our diaper are now hidden! This is one of our favorite new features, since the snaps no longer touch baby's delicate skin!

* CUSHIONED TUMMY PANEL - This is more of a hidden new feature, but one that makes the diaper easier to fasten, as well as, more comfortable for baby. The tummy panel has a little more "squish" to it now, which helps keep the loop fastener on the front from rolling in towards baby's skin.

* FUN NEW PRINTS! - And as always, we are keeping fun, new prints rolling in all the time! Here's a sample.... Ooga Booga, Ice Giraffes & Mint Chocolate Zoo .... TOO CUTE!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Anniversary ZooNique Baby!

It's hard to believe that we are celebrating 1 year in business this month! While ZooNique Baby was on our hearts and in our minds for sometime longer, we officially filed and signed all the forms to start our business in May 2008. We are so excited about what this year has brought and taught us and are looking forward to expanding our outreach and sharing our information and love for cloth diapers with more growing families!

We have made many adjustments to our ZNB Diaper Pattern, we have added many new items like Fitted Diapers, Diaper Covers and Nursing Pads....often at the inspiring request of our precious customers! Our products have been tried and tested by numerous families and babies of all shapes, sizes and ages. AND.....We have big plans for what we'd like to see in the next year for ZooNique Baby, but are patiently waiting as it unfolds at a pace that is perfect and manageable for our family. As our tag line says, we are Family Focused! In our home, in our business, with our products and with our time and energy. Family is the core of all we do and the reason for why we do what we do. Keeping that as our focus allows everything else to stay in perspective. :)

We hope you will join us on this ZooNique adventure and learn, share, be encouraged and excited about how your family too can demonstrate being UNIQUE, FAMILY FOCUSED & EARTH FRIENDLY!


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