Thursday, May 28, 2015

Individually hand-crafted gifts for your every occassion!

Whether you are brand new to ZooNique Baby or you've been here from the start, it's always important to know the "WHY?" behind what we do. 

This post gives a more detailed explanation of why we started our family business and where our initial inspiration came from. It's one I love to read again and again! 

This post shares some beautiful images and refreshing reminders of what keeps us going.

Additionally, I host a sewing blog with the primary focus of charitable sewing. This blog is called Hopeful Threads and you are most welcome to follow along there as well. One of the biggest and only ongoing projects at Hopeful Threads is the FLUFF Project. The FLUFF Project is especially near and dear to the hearts of our family members, as we work to regularly provide stuffed friends for children in foster care in our community. 
You can read all about the FLUFF Project here. 
So, that gives you a good idea of the heart and drive behind ZooNique Baby. :)

As things have progressed with my Hopeful Threads sewing, it's required I adjust what I'm able to do through ZooNique Baby. Over the years I have done this at different times, and we're once again ready to shift some things around. 

For one, we no longer have a .com web address. The maintenance and energy it took to keep up to date was just not something that was a priority for my time. So, this blog will serve as our online world along with our facebook page....and potentially a few other social media outlets....I'll keep you posted on that of course! ;) 
I take great pride in working with my hands to individually create special gifts for those you love and while the majority of my sells occur locally, I do plan to, at least occasionally, post available items to my facebook page. Keep watch there if interested.

I want to thank you all for your continued support of our family business! Your help has allowed us to be able to give countless handmade donations within our own community and across the globe! 
Looking forward to what's ahead!
ZooNique Baby

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Things are changing....but this is good! :)

In trying to find the best balance and use of our time and energy, the best way for our family to share what we have with our community, we are making some adjustments to the way we do a lot of things. This includes ZooNique Baby. 

We are excited to soon share our plans for a more simplified approach with a more purposeful focus. 

Stay tuned....

:) The ZooNique Family


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