Friday, July 31, 2009

Why we do what we do......

Our family loves cloth diapering. We love the many benefits cloth diapers offer, including financial savings and environmental kindness. We love the feeling it gives us to believe that we are truly doing what is best for our baby. We love that I am able to do my job from home while raising our family. We love that it's an opportunity for our children to witness our work and the results of our efforts firsthand. These are all reasons we started our small, home based, family business. However, there is a much bigger reason, a much more meaningful inspiration than even these things.....

We started Zoonique Baby as a tangible way to give to those in need. Particularly orphans. We believed, and still do, that these father and motherless children deserve the very best as well. We have experienced the overwhelming blessing it has brought to our lives to reach out to these precious little people and so look forward to the opportunities ahead! But, to back track just a little and tell you "the rest of the story".

About 3 years ago now, we were excitedly following some close friends who were expecting a son to join their family. This precious child was already born and awaiting them in an overseas orphanage. As we followed the regular updates they would receive about his care and growth and atmosphere, it became very clear to us that there are many, many children worldwide who live with so little. Even struggling with just basic needs being met on a daily basis. This was something that wouldn't settle well inside me, and I had a prayer to find some way to help. Some tangible way, but they were so far from where I was geographically.

In a matter of days, my friend sent an email of a mother who was picking up her own child from a nearby orphanage of her son's, and the mother was expressing the needs of the children she witnessed. One of the first on her list was cloth diapers. Well, at this point, I had been sewing diapers for my own new baby, friends and for a worthy US organization, Miracle Diapers, so you can imagine my immediate thoughts and excitement upon learning that something I was already doing (and love doing!) could also help these babies so far away! I immediately set to work, and our first huge box of cloth diapers, wipes and baby care supplies accompanied my friends to an orphanage just months later when they traveled to bring their son home.


The "letdown" of sorts that swept over me when I realized our project was complete was enough to prove this didn't have to be an isolated event. This could and should carry on. Our family's prayer to offer tangible aid to orphans had been answered, and we continue to actively pursue opportunities to love these children from the distance we have to. We have sent multiple boxes of baby care supplies to various countries across the world. We've organized local sewing events to assist and equip mission teams with materials to deliver on their trips. We work with organizations like Annabelle's Wish and our local FBCK's Outreach 2 Orphans to continue to bring cloth diapers and other comfort and necessity items to babies/children in need, and our family continues to receive overwhelming blessings for doing so!

While we love our Zoonique Baby customers, spending time with local families assisting them in their own cloth diapering adventures, educating people about the benefits and ease of using cloth diapers today, the core of why we do what we do is still, and will always be the faces of the children across the world, now etched on our hearts, that we have been given the unique and tangible gift of loving through cloth diapers!

Thank you for your support.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Here's a little peek at some of the NEW PRINTS we have coming in right now! We are so excited! Lots of cute ones for boys, girls and gender neutral prints as well. As always, all our prints are limited in quantity so don't miss out if there is something you LOVE! :)
Oh my! Oh my! What to cut and sew first??? I just don't know! :) SUCH FUN!

Friday, July 3, 2009


These fun prints were part of a special series to help celebrate the 4th of July and show our patriotism! We have dear friends and family who serve our country through the Armed Forces, and we are so very grateful to them for the enormous sacrifices they make daily!
Hope you and yours have a safe and memorable Independence Day!


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