Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Features!

FLEXIBILITY. A key ingredient to a happy life! (and a successful business!) We take this approach with our diapers and if we feel there is a change to our style that will make them more functional, user friendly or comfortable for baby we make the change! If we find a component that is of better quality, we switch. Here are some of the most recent things we have done to make our ZooNique Baby Cloth Diapers even better.

* APLIX brand hook & loop - We've switched all of our diapers over to Aplix hook and loop because it is the highest quality we've found and is both durable and super soft.

* HIDDEN SNAPS - The snaps that close the insert opening on the front of our diaper are now hidden! This is one of our favorite new features, since the snaps no longer touch baby's delicate skin!

* CUSHIONED TUMMY PANEL - This is more of a hidden new feature, but one that makes the diaper easier to fasten, as well as, more comfortable for baby. The tummy panel has a little more "squish" to it now, which helps keep the loop fastener on the front from rolling in towards baby's skin.

* FUN NEW PRINTS! - And as always, we are keeping fun, new prints rolling in all the time! Here's a sample.... Ooga Booga, Ice Giraffes & Mint Chocolate Zoo .... TOO CUTE!

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