Thursday, April 15, 2010

Charity Spotlight! - One Girl/Tiny Hands International

In case it weren't obvious, :) the ZooNique Baby family is passionate about children and families! We hope that a quick glimpse at our About Us page gives you that immediate understanding, as you are able to see a list of the individuals, businesses and organizations we support.

We wanted to highlight one of these amazing organizations to give you the chance to get to know a little more about them, what they do, and why we support them!

Today I want to share about the One Girl project of Tiny Hands International.
Child-trafficking is a devastating reality in our world today. The number of children who are stolen or sold into slavery each year is overwhelming. From Nepal alone, over 10,000 girls are trafficked each year. 10 THOUSAND! While this number can be hard to imagine, imagining how we would feel if 1 of that 10,000 was our child makes this horrifically personal for us!

So, what can we do? The One Girl project provides the opportunity for individuals like you and I to reach out to these girls in a real and tangible way. When you make a $10 donation to One Girl you will receive a bracelet like the one pictured above, that has been made by one of the girls who was rescued from a life of servitude. The bracelet serves as a reminder to pray for them, and others like them who are vulnerable to potential trafficking.

Your donation allows Tiny Hands to not only help rescue and protect children already affected by trafficking, but also, help identify and prevent others who are particularly vulnerable to being trafficked themselves.

Isn't it amazing that something so simple and nearly effortless can have that kind of impact?! We think so!

AND, in addition to wearing our bracelets for these girls, we want to offer a little something extra to HELP INCREASE THE TRAFFIC AGAINST TRAFFICKING!!! It's a SURPRISE! Wanna know what you need to do? Here ya go...
  • Make a donation to One Girl
  • Post a comment here saying "I donated!" with your first name/last initial
  • Tell others!!! (BECAUSE, as the number of donors contributing to One Girl increases, the value of what we are giving away increases!)
This Spotlight effort will go from today, April 15th-Friday, April 30th. We will post the name of our "winner" here Saturday, May 1st. So please, help us spread the word and make sure to check back to see if you WIN the surprise....we ALL win by helping these girls!

*Please note, posts are moderated, so don't worry if you don't see yours immediately, I'll get it up asap! :)*

**Open to US residents only, but don't let that stop you from checking out this awesome organization!**


  1. This is awesome. What most don't realize is how much human trafficking happens right here in the USA too!!!

  2. To penguins, you are absolutely correct! It's very sad! Another motivated organization you might want to check out, combating this very thing is
    Our hope is that the more people become aware of the reality of human trafficking, the greater chance of preventing it and even eradicating it!
    Thanks for speaking out!


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