Saturday, April 2, 2011

April - Autism Awareness

Did you know, Autism affects 1 in 110 children? 1 in 70 boys? Those are really staggering statistics. Chances are, your life has been touched by someone with Autism or you at least know someone's who has.

We are blessed to love some very dear friends who live with the reality of autism and the affects of it on their children, their families and their day to day lives. There currently is no "cure" for Autism, but I, like many others, hold out HOPE that one day there will be answers that provide the individuals and families living with it peace, support and acceptance.

Today, April 2, 2011 is World Autism Awareness Day and we want to help get the word out! Will you join us?
We would like to offer this colorful, one-of-a-kind Autism Awareness Gift Set to one of you! It includes an embellished prefold/burploth and a reversible bib in the Autism puzzle print. The prefold/burpcloth is trimmed with plush ric rac and the bib is backed with super soft, red dot minky. Here's what we ask to get entered:

  1. Leave a comment here sharing a FACT you have learned about Autism. This can include science, ways to advocate, services for families, opportunities to give, other awareness projects or any other factual effort to get the word out. (keyword here is "fact"...I for one have emotions tied to the reality of autism, but for this specific project, we want to focus on informing readers about the facts facing those with autism. Thanks for understanding.)
WANT ADDITIONAL ENTRY OPPORTUNITIES??? Ok! :) After doing the above you can,

2. Share this post on your blog or facebook page and leave an additional comment with the link to it.

3. Follow World Autism Awareness Day on Facebook and comment here that you do.

Please note, because unfortunately some folks like to try and use comment sections for their personal business advertisements, we moderate all comments. Only comments pertaining to Autism Awareness will be approved. We will approve comments daily. Thanks again for understanding.

We will randomly select a winner from the comments on April 15th, and post the winner here and on the ZooNique Baby facebook page. Please make sure we have a way to contact you if you win either by leaving your email address with your comment or making sure it is connected to your profile.

Thanks for participating and helping others become more Autism aware!


  1. Sometimes children with autism, like my oldest, begin developing normally, and then suddenly stop talking, lose their motor skills, etc.

  2. Chattanooga, TN has an awesome place that is great for parents of children that have autisim or fall on the spectrum. They have information about all sorts of support for these parents as well as local events. It's called The Chattanooga Autism Center.

  3. Shared the link to this entry on my FB!

  4. I shared this post on my FB (Augusta Rodrigues Arwood)

  5. I am following World Autism Awareness Day on Facebook. (Augusta Rodrigues Arwood)

  6. I Like World Autism Awareness Day on FB! =)

  7. I just learned about a company called Animals for Autism
    They are working towards sharing the positive impact of animals on children with Autism. They offer services to help cut the cost of trained certified Autism Service Dog and resources for families.

    eagerembalmer AT msn DOT com

  8. Following World Autism Awareness Day on Facebook
    Momarabbit Wakelin

    eagerembalmer AT msn DOT com

  9. **COMMENTS CLOSED** Announcement of winner to follow! Thanks!!!


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