Monday, December 12, 2011

One of my Sweetest Fans!

Let me introduce you to one of my sweetest fans, Sean! doesn't get much cuter than this little fella!

He was born just a few short months ago and it's been a blast for me to watch him grow into things I made for him while he was still in his mama's tummy!
This is him rockin' his "Punked Out" Hemp Fitted...
And how about this Construction print pocket & BabyLegs???
This was one of our limited Dragon Brocade pockets, and he seems especially pleased with it! ;)
Sean likes to spread awareness for important things just like we do, so here he is showing his support for Autism Awareness.
And last but certainly not least...I think this might be my favorite, looks at those squishy jaws!!! Eeeee! :) He's wearing a fleece soaker here.
His mama is one of my favorite and most faithful online customers friends :) and I am so very thankful for her continued support of ZooNique Baby!

If you have pictures of your lil' sweeties using any of our products, we'd love to see and share them! Just send us an email.

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