Friday, December 3, 2010

FUN! Gift Wrap Alternatives

Pillowcase Gift Wrap

This time of year stores are full of colorful paper gift wrap, bags and bows. While paper gift wrap makes a nice presentation, it's really nothing more than trash. So, we want to offer a few alternative, but equally colorful, nicely presentable and even more, practical options!

For my nieces and nephews this year, their gifts will be wrapped in pillowcases made especially for them. I imagine they will each know which gift is there's without reading the tags, as I chose fabrics that matched each of their personalities or interests. I love that this wrap keeps on giving since they get to use it on their pillow over and over and remember how much their Auntie S. loves them!!! :) Another advantage to the pillowcase wrap, it can be folded to accomadate many size gifts or used as a bag for larger boxed items. And if you don't want to make them, they can also be purchased ready made....and for about the same price as some holiday gift bags!
Cute don't you think?
Now, this is a fun one that the kids will enjoy helping with! Our laundry soap comes in these nice fabric bags that I just can't bear to throw out. You could use them as is for a nostalgic kind of wrap or, turn them inside out and let the kids have fun decorating them with markers or paints, again, personalizing the presentation, not just the gift! (Love this one of my lil' guy's hand....think I'll wrap something for myself with it!) ;)
How 'bout a classic that you just can't go wrong with, the newspaper comics. I remember getting Christmas gifts as a child wrapped in the comics and tied with yarn. I always loved that! And of course, you can choose your recipients favorite comic strip and then they get to enjoy reading it as well! Talk about colorful!....not to mention, newspaper, in general, composts and recycles more easily than that shiny gift wrap.

Don't ya just love Garfield!?!?!?

This last one the kids will have fun with too! We used a formula can, but you could also use an oatmeal canister, coffee can or any can with a smooth surface and snap lid. We also used fabric scraps from all those holiday projects we've been making, but again, use your imagination could use newspaper or magazine cut outs, last years Christmas cards or whatever. Glue your decoration choice to the outside of the container and Viola! These are perfect for breakable gifts like ornaments....especially if you are a holiday traveler.

So, have a little fun, save a little money and avoid a little unnecessary waste this year with creative alternatives to paper gift wrap!


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