Sunday, December 12, 2010

Give Water & Win!!!!

Friends, I am so incredibly excited to share with you what the ZooNique Baby family has the privilege of being a part of this month! Together with a wonderful group of talented artists, hand-crafters, and kind-hearted gift givers we are going to strive to BUILD A WELL! Read on….

Water. Is it something you think much about? It wasn't really for me until the recent years. Learning how so many people, worldwide, don't have the provision of a basic life necessity like clean water has made me aware on a much deeper, even daily level. Clean water. How so many of our brothers and sisters drink filthy, often contaminated water each day, because that’s all they is an overwhelming thought. It’s also all they have to offer their children. Can you imagine? I can't! I’m certain my drain sees more clean water each day from simple activities like washing my hands, rinsing fruits and vegetables and brushing my teeth than some of these dear people have access to in their lives.

That… not……ok.

But rather than allow the reaction of guilt to set in or the idea that it is far too big an issue for me to have an impact on, I’ve chosen to team up with the lovely ladies of Project 320 and help build a well.

That’s right, A WELL!!!

A well that can provide CLEAN drinking water for an entire village! A well that will allow a mama to give her thirsty child a drink that she doesn’t have to worry will make her sick. A life sustaining well! That is GOOD! And that makes me very excited!

So excited that I want to offer you the opportunity to win a special gift as you participate in making this well, for a group of people just like me and you, a reality!

Here's what we are giving away...

Creative Kid Gift Set!!!

The kiddos in our home can't get enough of creative, craftiness, so they've helped me put together this gift set that is so much fun and would make the perfect gift for any little artist in your life! The gift set includes: A ZooNique Baby Wipe Clean Apron in the adorable, gender neutral, sock monkey print, one of our fun Travel Crayon Rolls, and a plethora of art supplies from paints, pencils, glue, stickers, dough, ribbon, scissors, felt, fabric pieces, you name it! All beautifully gift boxed for your holiday presentation.

Your lil' Picasso will be all set to create whatever masterpiece they are inspired to and YOU will have helped build a well for someone who didn't have access to clean water....WOW!

Here’s all you need to do:

Every $10 donation you make to Charity Water via this link qualifies you for one entry in ANY of the participating giveaways! (You can see all the giveaway possibilities at Project 320.)

So, make your donation using the above link and come back here and comment on the post that you did so and would like to be entered to win our Creative Kid Gift Set! The winner will be chosen at the end of the week long fundraiser. We will then post the winner with congratulations and get your gift set on it's way*. Simple and FUN! (not to mention LIFE CHANGING!!!)

What are you waiting for???? Get entering and help us spread the word so we can bless others with the GIFT OF WATER.....together! Thanks for sharing in this awesome and exciting experience with us!
Holiday Hugs,
~The ZooNique Family

*Please note, FREE USPS Priority Mail shipping applies to entrants in the lower 48 states. Others are welcome to enter with the understanding that they are responsible to pay shipping cost minus $10 we will cover. Thanks!

PS. Comments are moderated so they will not appear immediately, but I will check in and approve them daily. :)


  1. I gave $10 and would like to be entered in your giveaway!! :):)

  2. I donated and would like on entry in your giveaway. Thank you.

  3. I donated! #36
    Jessica (

  4. #37
    Jessica (

  5. #38. Thanks!
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